DODOING Kaleidoskop-Brille Steampunk, Goggles mit Rainbow Crystal Gläser - für Weihnachten, Halloween, Cosplay, Tanzparty, Convert, Musik Festival, EDM, Light Show, Foto Stütze, Sports

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  • Passend für unterschiedliche Kopfgröße mit verstellbarem Gummiband
  • Materialien: Objektiv PC sind, werden Frames ABS importiert
  • Das Objektiv wird erscheinen verschiedene Farben in verschiedenen Winkeln, es ist wie Kaleidoskop machen
  • Modellnummer: MG006-OS-CN-DEAZ
  • Die Farbe der Linse kann in verschiedenen Winkeln geändert werden, die farbig sein können oder nur eine color.and dort wegen des Winkels des Bildes chromatische Abweichung wird und die Differenz von Sreen
  • Werkzeuge für alle verrückt Zeitreis cosplayen und fotografieren
  • Wir versenden es aus China, etwa 10-20 Werktage Liefer


What Are Kaleidoscope Goggles?

Kaleidoscope Goggles bend light through a series of faceted lenses that create duplicates of light waves. This effect is similar to that of a “bug eye” or repeating pattern. Some are infused with rainbow coloring and faceted in different ways to create remarkable visual effects and colors. These goggles are a phenomenal experience and surely a level above diffraction in intensity.

You may have heard of another very unique product called Diffraction Glasses, but are they the same as Kaleidoscope goggles? NO, very different in fact. The word “Kaleidoscope” originates from the early 19th century in Greek where kalos means ‘beautiful’, eidos represents ‘form’ and finally “scope” referring to the visual effects. Kaleidoscope goggles are becoming very popular across the nation, partly due to the celebrity exposure the goggles have had. These goggles are not only an entertainment phenomenon, but they are an artistic masterpiece beautiful enough to be displayed as art. If you want to experience something more intense than light diffraction, you absolutely must try on a pair of these bifocals.

Real Glass Crystals

From the ground up, these luxurious goggles are intricately designed and handcrafted, paying the highest attention to quality. Each frame is hand polished and paired with carefully selected glass crystals. Our crystals are made from high-grade optical glass and produced for maximum light transmission. You will not find a finer pair of Kaleidoscope Goggles on the market today.

The chrome frame and rainbow crystal glass lens are the right mix of funk and style that will be your fashion accessory with a purpose.

Have fun with your Steampunk Goggles at your next Dance, Birthday or EDM Party, Firework Shows, Holiday, Christmas Day, Halloween, Festivals, Carnivals, Concerts, Music Festivals, LED Gloving, Orbit light shows, Enhancing any light shows or performances!

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